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Apex Awards 2007

The APEX Awards attract many outstanding entries. Of the nearly 5,000 entries in APEX 2007, just 114 Grand Award Winners were selected. In the days ahead, we’ll post judges’ comments (and URLs for winning entries) for each of the 114 Grand Award-winning entries.

Where direct links to a specific publication or project are not available, we’ll link to the organization’s main Web site and/or closely related pages. Links are current when posted, but are subject to change and revision by the award-winning entrants. For example, the link may take you to the latest issue of a winning entry, but not the exact award-winning issue.


Marketing Sense

Mark Michaud, Lee Fay, Ariad Custom Communications, Toronto, ON “A quick, easy read – just what an e-mail newsletter should be – with a well-designed front page and nicely ‘chunked’ copy. An excellent way to forge a bond with their intended audience of financial advisors who want solid information on marketing.”

HR Daily Advisor

Jay Schleifer, Business & Legal Reports, Inc., Old Saybrook, CT “Inviting, readable layout, interesting, tightly written articles, a (rare) willingness to allow reader feedback – all combine to make this an excellent example of what an electronic newsletter should be.”

The Institutional Real Estate Letter - Europe

Institutional Real Estate, Inc., San Ramon, CA “Clean, readable layouts, crisp type, appealing, legible charts and graphs, all reinforce the well-researched, well-written text.”

Takeda’s Got It - Special Edition

Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America, Inc., Deerfield, IL “Many organizations talk to their employees about benefits a few times a year, if that. This company uses monthly newsletters – with bold, striking graphics used to reinforce the copy and make it easier to read. Screens, spot color, bulleted lists and decks all do their part The copy itself is exceptionally clear and does a remarkable job of explaining complex and important benefits/financial topics to busy staffers.”

Disney Newsreel

Steven Clark, The Walt Disney Company, Burbank, CA “Simply spectacular layout with varied, fascinating spreads – all geared to grab the reader’s attention and keep it. Effective use of photography (with usefully long yet readable captions) and eye-catching graphics – all mixed in with photo illustrations to keep the reader involved. These folks know how to communicate.”

Business Tips Newsletter

Kelly Quigley, Kristin Paxton, Realtor Magazine Online, Chicago, IL “The trick with e-newsletters is presentation – how the information displays on screen. The better e-letters offer superb, clear organization and brief but useful summaries of each clickable article. Crisp online copywriting with ‘chunked’ copy, lots of subheads and bulleted lists don’t hurt either. Throw in links to source information and a clean, attractive, legible design, and you’ve got a winner. As you do here.”


Denise Mosgrove, San Diego Convention Center Corporation, San Diego, CA “A clean, appealing visual design, photography that strengthens the text, careful attention to on-screen legibility, and dynamic, interesting writing make this a clear winner.”

Hi Lines - Special Veterans Issue

Pat Kemper, Sacramento Municipal Utility District, Sacramento, CA “Superbly researched and compellingly told, these employee stories of military service, from WWII to the present, resonate with readers – and keep them reading. Excellent photo selection and cropping reinforce the text.”

Magazines & Journals

On Investing - Summer 2006

Charles Schwab and Custom Solutions from SmartMoney, New York, NY “Lively, interesting feature articles – covering complex financial topics in a clear understandable way – are presented in an appealing layout with effective use of infographics, sidebars and illustrations to reinforce the text.”

The Green Sheet - November 13, 2006

The Green Sheet, Inc., Rohnert Park, CA “Let’s face it. This magazine wasn’t built to win design awards. Dense copy, black ink on green paper? Not going to happen, despite the readable type and simple workmanlike layouts. But while it’s no design GQ, what it does offer, in 90 plus pages twice a month, is some of the best writing we’ve seen on commercial topics. From features to news to interviews, it’s right on target with succinct, engaging writing. It’s not easy making topics like bank ATM policies or restaurant POS systems interesting – but when you read the Green Sheet, they are.”

American Spirit - May/June 2006

Hammock Publishing, Nashville, TN “Spectacular photo spreads, beautifully written, compelling stories, and appealing use of spot color, sidebars and functional captions – all contribute to an enjoyable, absorbing read. Stuck in an elevator? This is the one you want.”

Horizons 2007

Lisa Altomare, Tom Bauer, McMurry, Phoenix, AZ “This exceptional university magazine is top-drawer. From the elegant contents page to the varied spreads (including some striking photography), design is A+, reinforcing the very well-written, very interesting copy. It would not be out of place on a newsstand full of the best commercial magazines.”

Renaissance Magazine - Spring 2007

Laura Wall, Pace Communications, Greensboro, NC “Beautifully and elegantly designed, this large-format magazine offers a clean, readable layout with legible type in purposely simple, mainly two-column spreads, an appealing matte finish paper stock and very attractive photography. A coffee table keeper.”

Fidelity +, November 2006

Ken Beaulieu, The Pohly Company, Boston, MA “Packed but beautifully laid out spreads, top-drawer typography, thorough research and clear easy-to-grasp explanations of complex financial topics. A clear winner.”

Every Season

Harriot Manley, Sunset Custom Publishing, Menlo Park, CA “From the rich and appealing cover photo to the spectacular spreads and clean, elegant typography, this magazine on recipes and food preparation solutions is a visual feast. Lively, interesting writing doesn’t hurt, either.”


Paul T. Libassi, Time Inc. Content Solutions, New York, NY “The writing is superb, the visual impact of the complex and varied spreads is extraordinary. Type, illustrations, and photography are simply world-class. Copy is appealing, interesting and exceptionally well-written.”

SalesTalk - July/August 2006

Carl E. Crider, Crider Associates, Encinitas, CA “Both copy and visuals are perfectly tuned to its audience of dealer sales staff. Crisp, interesting writing, well-captioned photos, useful charts, competitor model comparisons and well-researched reviews of new models keep the reader involved – and informed. They hit their target.”

Table Magazine

John McWilliams, Christina French, MCM Communications, Pittsburgh, PA “Elegant! Elegant! Elegant! Superbly rendered spreads with beautifully restrained typography, lovely illustrations and photographs. First class!”

Aftermarket Insider - Volume 45

Tom Ho, Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association, Bethesda, MD “This clean, elegant layout packs in an enormous amount of copy and illustration – yet makes optimum use of white space. A deft balance. Interesting, dynamic and varied spreads (including a nicely done center ‘toolbox’ pullout which will be pulled out and routed around the office) complete the package.”

UT Arlington Magazine

Mark Permenter, The University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX “Striking photo spreads, clean, powerful typography and compelling, superbly written feature articles make this a top-level magazine.”

Intercom Magazine

Air Force Communications Agency, Scott AFB, IL “This significantly upgraded magazine offers striking, dynamic, bold spreads, superb photographs, an absolutely world-class contents spread and interesting, involving copy.”

Les Amies

Convent of the Sacred Heart, New York, NY “What a marvelously warm, inviting and charming magazine – filled with interesting, well-written updates and well-captioned photos. Alums will read with interest.”

World Literature Today

The University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK “The copy moves and entertains, the spreads are elegant, varied and, above all, interesting. The illustrations and photography are first-class. This one’s a keeper.”

Northwest Public Health - Fall 2006

Judith Yarrow, University of Washington School of Public Health & Community Medicine, Seattle, WA “Crisp design, appealing spreads, photography and type work together with well-written, well-focused articles to make this low-cost black and white magazine an exceptionally effective publication.”

Magapapers & Newspapers

DOC News

The Magazine Group, Washington, DC “The editors know their audience – medical professionals – and offer up a magapaper packed from edge to edge with readable features and shorts, all in well-illustrated, appealing spreads. Nicely done.”

PhotoMedia - Fall 2006 - Making Magic in the Studio

Gary Halpern, The PhotoMedia Group, Inc., Seattle, WA “Stunning photos, exquisitely cropped and beautifully framed in knock-out spreads. What more can you ask for in a publication for professional photographers? Well, besides very much ‘on point’ features which take full advantage of the visuals. A pro’s magapaper.”

Daily Now

Scott Briscoe, ASAE & The Center for Association Leadership, Washington, DC “Beautifully designed, crisply written, this is an interesting and very professional conference newspaper. Not easy to put one of these together, given time, staff and production constraints, but these folks make it seem effortless.”

Sandia Lab News

Lab News Staff, Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM “Printed on low-cost, uncoated paper, this mostly black and white employee magapaper is an interesting read. Legible type, attractive spreads, appealing photography, all reinforce the well-written, newsy copy. The publications staff know their audience and deliver a very targeted news package.”

Exceptional Care. Close to Home. Spring/Summer 2006 Healthkeeper

Shari Kinghan, Willamette Falls Hospital, Oregon City, OR “Bright, crisp, sparkling spreads take full advantage of the magapaper’s large format to deliver interesting spreads filled with appealing illustrations and readable text and sidebars.”

City Savvy

Human Resources Communications, City of Houston, Houston, TX “Wonderfully written stories, catchy heads, bold, appealing graphics and dynamic use of large format spreads. In all, a first-rate, highly readable publication.”

Annual Reports

St. John’s Mercy 2005 Nursing Annual Report

Jadea Abolahrari, Standing Partnership, St. Louis, MO “Beautifully done – with warm, inviting copy and interesting descriptions of real people doing real work – set in a very appealing, unique layout, making maximum use of duotones and highlight spot color within the duotones to emphasize copy points. A very intelligent format.”

Kingsport City Schools Annual Report

Jane Hillhouse, Hillhouse Graphic Design, Kingsport, TN “A delightful, charming and absolutely top quality school annual report delivers the goods in a brief, simple, square-format booklet. The copy is concise, the photos well-chosen and cropped, the infographics first-rate. An obviously well-edited and well-designed publication.”

Arthritis: More than a Word - 2005 Annual Report

Arthritis Foundation, Atlanta, GA “A first-class piece of work. This annual report simply exudes quality - from the top-drawer matte paper to the superb photography, nicely executed typography and the beautifully written stories. This one’s coffee table material.”

2005 Annual Report / The HSUS

Paula Jaworski, The Humane Society of the United States, Gaithersburg, MD “Elegant, interesting design, appealing photo spreads, crisp, persuasive writing - including substantive, well thought out use of captions to reinforce the photographs’ stories. Nicely done.”

Sharing Your Past, Caring for Your Future

Susan La Rosa, New York Methodist Hospital, Brooklyn, NY “This annual report presents a beautiful blend of past history and accomplishments juxtaposed against current capabilities and future goals. Inviting spreads peppered with timelines and nicely captioned, intriguing old photos all come together to highlight the very well-written copy.”

We Believe in Girl Scouts - 2005-2005 Annual Report

Katy Hipp, Pines of Carolina Girl Scout Council, Raleigh, NC “Warm, inviting photography works wonderfully on a well-chosen, uncoated paper An annual report that’s both visually appealing and highly readable.”

2006 Annual Report: A Community that Delivers (pdf)

Julie Harrison Blissert, State University of New York at Oswego, Oswego, NY “Engaging photos, warm, inviting copy, a clean layout with crisp, elegant spreads, brevity (such a rarely seen virtue in an annual report) – and a feeling that they’ve hit the center of the bull’s-eye with this communication effort.”

Brochures, Manuals & Reports

The Republic of Tea

Sue Preetorius, ABS Graphics, Inc., Addison, IL “Gorgeous product spreads, superb photography and spreads, and elegant yet very readable type all combine to create a wonderful backdrop – on reflection-free uncoated paper – for this cleverly written catalog aimed not at individual consumers but at retailers, who are invited to read The Republic of Tea’s ‘Immigration Guidelines’ and to send ‘ambassadors.’”

Cooking in Style the Costco Way

Doris Winters, Dawna Tessier, Tim Talevich, Costco Wholesale, Issaquah, WA “What’s not to like in this superbly photographed, designed and written cookbook. Does your kitchen have a coffee table? Then this is the book you want on it. Is anyone else hungry?”

Retirement is Your Destination: Education Guide

Michael Beindorff, Great-West Retirement Services, Greenwood Village, CO “Once in a rare while, we come across a retirement guide that is interesting, easy to read, and that communicates complex financial planning advice with exceptional clarity. This is one of those few.”

Reality IT (pdf)

Jeff Flora, Dana Jensen, Lockheed Martin Media Services, Richland, WA “This large, square format corporate capability booklet takes full advantage of its available space – employing large scale photos and white space to highlight the very succinct message. The result is that once you start reading, it’s very easy to keep flipping through the pages until, presto, you’re done. Message received!”


Bobby Stark, Parthenon Publishing, Nashville, TN “Striking, beautifully illustrated, succinctly presented media kit. Well-written. Short. Sweet. To the point. ‘William Tell’ shot.”

TCT Daily

TCT Daily Staff, SLACK Incorporated, Custom Publishing Group, Thorofare, NJ “With headlines like “Pioglitazone Improved Endothelial Function,” this is not a conference reporting magapaper for the casual reader. But the publication’s editorial and design staff display a very clear understanding of their target audience. Layouts are attractive and readable, feature articles are well-researched, in-depth and interesting. In short, it is an outstanding publication – all the more so since we’re talking about four consecutive daily conference magapapers.”

The North American Coal Corporation Retirement Brochures

Allison Raskin, The Vanguard Group, Wayne, PA “This brilliantly conceived booklet (actually, there are two – one targeted to retirees, the other to pre-retirees) does a superb job of explaining complex financial strategies, in copy easy to grasp by the average person. It is one of the best ‘how to’ publications we’ve seen on financial topics.”

Many Choices Brochure

Westside Community Schools, David Day + Associates, Omaha, NE “Well-researched, this booklet makes its case persuasively, with crisp, compelling copy and attractive visuals.”

KMB’s Efforts in Environmental Protection

Ms. Susanne Ho, KMB, Hong Kong, China “Beautifully designed with informative photo spreads and succinct, interesting copy, this report persuasively conveys the company’s serious and extensive efforts to reduce environmental impacts.”

Bermuda Village Brochure

Fabi Preslar, SPARK Publications, Charlotte, NC “Stunningly appealing brochure makes a convincing case for choosing this particular retirement community. The publication exudes quality and speaks of a dignified and upscale lifestyle. The creators clearly know their target audience and their publication is very much on point.”

Moog Program Management Handbook

ProEdit Documentation Team, ProEdit, Inc., Cumming, GA “A superb presentation of program management techniques. Clarity is the hallmark of this handbook, with clear, easily grasped copy, wonderfully simple typography – nicely ‘chunked’ with excellent use of callouts, graphs and charts, all reinforcing the well-written text. An example of superior technical communication.”

The Alabama Marriage Handbook

Extension Communications, Alabama Cooperative Extension System, Auburn University, AL “Thoroughly researched and exceptionally clearly presented, the material is easy to understand and very, very helpful!”

Patient Welcome Folder

Bonita Brodt, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago, IL “Exceptionally well prepared, this warm and inviting welcome package for patients sets just the right tone with nicely organized, friendly, well-written copy in a readable, attractive presentation.”

Curriculum Focal Points for Prekindergarten through Grade 8 Mathematics

Randy White, Nick Abrash, The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Reston, VA “Striking design, clean layout, elegant, readable typography, simple but effective color coding for clarity, and a very well researched and written presentation all make this an invaluable guide.”

Alexander Learns His Lesson

The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network, Fairfax, VA “Lesson learned! This is a wonderful short comic book that tells a charmingly illustrated cartoon story to get its message across. Great reading for kids, and grown-ups, too!”

Eminent Domain Abuse Survival Guide

Isaac Reese, Institute for Justice, Arlington, VA “The clean format and well-organized, well-researched and well-written content combine with appealing spreads and readable type and paper choices to make this an outstanding guide.”

Islam: What Catholics Need to Know

Department of Religious Education, National Catholic Educational Association, Washington, DC “Superbly researched and clearly written, this book presents an impressive rationale for study of the topic, as well as a concise and very interesting history of the birth of Islam and the history of Catholic-Muslim relations from the 7th century through the Crusades to the present day. A literary tour de force.”

Live Safe! Work Smart! Teacher Resources

Neil McDermid, Ontario Ministry of Labour, Toronto, ON “Clear, crisp, easily-grasped copy is effectively reinforced with clear, understandable photos and illustrations. Nothing subtle here. Just the facts, well-written and clearly presented. Very much in tune with the intended audience.”

Solomon Schecter Day School Admission Viewbook and Brochure

Dan Levine, Solomon Schecter Day School of Greater Boston, Newton, MA “Striking use of spot and process color set the design of this viewbook package apart with beautiful photo spreads and a bold, appealing headline schedule, all of which helps the crisply written, involving copy persuade prospective parents that this is the school for their children.”

Electronic & Video Publications

Silver & Fit Healthy Aging Classes

American Specialty Health, San Diego, CA “Superbly planned and implemented multimedia presentation uses excellent scripting and video techniques to precisely deliver a crisp, clear, succinct message to the intended audience.”


Rebecca Rolfes, Imagination, Chicago, IL “Superb technical site with extremely well-implemented, interactive graphics and well-written, substantive, in-depth content.”

Fire Safety and Prevention

Tooling University, Cleveland, OH “Very effective and deft use of visual communications to make safety rules and advice crystal clear. Nicely implemented interactive format with functional graphics and audio.”

The Value of Scouting

Stephen Medlicott, Boy Scouts of America, Irving, TX “Powerful, compelling video stories in this Web publication. The stories very effectively convey the value of scouting.”

eNews - December 2006

International Code Council, Birmingham, AL “Just the right balance of copy for each news item lets readers move through the material quickly and come away with the essential nuggets of information – what an e-newsletter should be.”

Colorado State University 2006 Volleyball Highlight Video

CCS Video Team & Department of Athletics, Office of Communications & Creative Services, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO “A great success story, told with passionate enthusiasm, reinforced with strong dynamic videography. Nicely done.”

A Leadership Walk Across Gettysburg

Robert Millward, Administration and Leadership Program - Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA “Superb narrative and videography discuss leadership qualities using the example of the Battle of Gettysburg. Skillfully done. It’s not about Gettysburg. It’s about leadership.”

Forrestal Display - Coal & Power

Office of Public Affairs Coordination, U.S. Department of Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory, Pittsburgh, PA “An excellent overview with an interesting narrative and varied, involving visuals. The video clearly covers an important topic in an easily understood manner.”

Web & Intranet Sites


Helen Thompson, Advisor Today, Falls Church, VA “Impressive site. The old one was excellent; the new even better. Clean, attractive design, easy, super-fast navigation and extensive, tightly written, informative content make this site an all around winner.”

ADEAR Center Web Site

Alzheimer’s Disease Education and Referral Center, JBS International, Inc., Silver Spring, MD “Presents a wealth of useful information in a positive, constructive way on a tough topic. Complex medical and health information is conveyed in clear, easy-to-grasp terms. Copy and visuals are first rate. Navigation is easy. It’s not a pretty site, but it is a very functional site.”

Cancer Knowledgebase

Intermountain Healthcare, Salt Lake City, UT “An impressive site. In-depth medical and health information, clearly presented in lay terms with exceptionally clear, sometimes interactive, illustrations. Crisp, informed writing. A very useful, bookmarkable Web site.”

Reliable Plant

Paul V. Arnold, Reliable Plant Magazine, Fort Atkinson, WI “Clean, well-organized, densely packed Web site offers an enormous breadth and depth of content – all well-researched and written in a clear, fast navigating format. A first class effort.”

CKE Franchise Web site

Sprokkit, Los Angeles, CA “This is a visually-exciting, dynamic, and interesting Web site – with a lot of attention paid to presenting crisp, concise copy in a clear, understandable way. Exactly what a Web document – or in this case, site – should do.”

MOAA Web Base

Warren Lacy, Military Officers Association of America, Alexandria, VA “This is a substantial Web site. Packed with massive resources, yet the user interface is engagingly done. Clear organization and navigation and a functional design showcase well-written features and news.”


New York State Department of Civil Service, Employee Benefits Division, Schenectady, NY “Warm, appealing design offers easy navigation, careful organization and clear, well-illustrated text. Site visitors get in, get what they need, quickly, and get out. Just as it should be for this kind of site.”

Conservation Peel - The Sustainable House

Communication Services, Region of Peel, Brampton, ON “Marvelously clever, this interactive Web page gives extremely helpful advice on conserving energy – all very practical, and delivered by very easy to understand 3-D visuals.”


Queshia Bradley, Alliance for Consumer Education, Washington, DC “Slick, interesting, inviting site. Attractive design, fast, easy navigation, well-written content, a helpful tips section, and a beautifully done interactive ‘home tour.’”

National Center for Cultural Competence

NCCC Staff, Georgetown University/NCCC, Washington, DC “Fast, easy navigation, appealing home page and design of the overall site create a warm, inviting tone. Readable copy, packed with useful information and help tools. A top drawer effort.”

NY conneXions Student Newsletter

English Department, Nanyang Junior College, Singapore “Intriguing presentation of very well-written, involving content – a site full of appealing stories, reviews, news, and staff biographies makes for an interesting and very inviting site.”

Campaigns, Programs & Plans

Alling, Henning Associates, How We Work

Betsy Henning, Brenda Alling, Alling Henning Associates, Vancouver, WA “Few rules – but integrity, trust and common sense could be the key themes of this well-thought-out, unique and interesting-to-read employee manual. It’s a keeper!”

Buckley Broadcasting 2006 Open Enrollment Program Guide & Poster

Joan McCarthy, Aon Consulting, Radnor, PA “This one speaks from the heart. It’s not fancy or flashy – mostly black and white on utility white paper stock, but the CEO letter strikes just the right tone, while the copy of the benefits guide booklet is exceptionally well organized and clearly written. An outstanding example of a benefits campaign.”

Healthy Pfizer Puerto Rico Launch Events

Robert Nikodem, Mercer Human Resource Consulting “This well-organized, comprehensive campaign offers beautifully designed visuals and copywriting that makes the content simple, easy and clear. An exceptional effort.”

University of Idaho - Recruitment Campaign

Cary Jordan, Stamats, Cedar Rapids, IA “Wow! Sign me up! OK, wait. I already have a degree. Darn! Simply spectacular series of booklets puts prospective students right there, with stunning photography, engaging copy and superb, dynamic typography. Aces!”

Scholastic - 2007 Benefits Enrollment

Valerie M. Wise, Watson Wyatt Worldwide, New York, NY “Well thought through, appealingly designed and clearly written enrollment campaign covers a lot of complex information and carries it off with exceptional grace.”

Toyota Customer Service Recognition 2007

Elisa Liehr, Liehr Marketing & Communications, Rolling Hills Estates, CA “A thoughtfully prepared plan to recognize and reward dealers and staff who excel. The program is explained clearly and effectively in this exceptionally well designed and well written booklet.”

LeBow College of Business Total Publications Program

Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business, Philadelphia, PA “The entire range of LeBow publications offers striking, dynamic visuals and a consistent – and very professional – organizational identity, while at the same time providing variety across the range of publications and within publications. Copywriting is equally first-rate and the combination of design and content is a happy one.”

GROW! Campaign

Connie Totten-Oldham, U.S. Postal Service Marketing Department, Washington, DC “This meticulously researched identifies key audiences and uses an array of outstanding materials to persuade those audiences, build revenue and enhance customer relationships. Nicely done.”

NWFA 2007 Convention Campaign

Anita K. Howard, National Wood Flooring Association, Chesterfield, MO “Elegant, clean, professional, appealing – just what you’d want in a conference marketing campaign.”


Meeting Future Workforce Needs Through Older Workers

Barbara Goldberg, AARP, Washington, DC “Interesting, compelling and blunt copy goes to the heart of the matter, making a clear, persuasive and effective case for change.”

The 10 Best for Kids and Families Series

Felicity Long, Megan Othersen Gorman, Karen Cicero, Child Magazine, New York, NY

Three Perfect Days - Turin, Chicago, Kaua’i

Tom Mueller, Pat Bruno, Rita Ariyoshi, Hemispheres - the Magazine of United Airlines, Pace Communications, Inc., Greensboro, NC “The copy draws readers in and gives them an unmatched sense of the life of each city. Superbly researched, each article transports the reader with visuals in print. Outstanding examples of the travel writer’s craft.”

Maximum Look at a Mini Mac

Rob Griffiths, Macworld, San Francisco, CA “Extensive arrays of varied technical material engagingly presented with crisp, lively writing – and passion, perhaps a writer’s most important tool.”

Sharpen Your Pencils - Trade Show Executive’s 2007 Budget Guide

Trade Show Executive Magazine, Carlsbad, CA “An exceptionally well-researched effort, this feature makes reams of data come alive. Crisp, tightly written, interesting copywriting conveys the points clearly and seemingly effortlessly.”

Journal of Field Robotics

Isabelle Cohen-DeAngelis, Wiley, Hoboken, NJ “Everything in this special issue is geared to reinforcing the clear, legible copy. The story of scientific achievement unfolds in a series of superbly researched and well presented articles spanning two volumes. The copy is easily understood by a lay audience, while the technical data will appeal to the scientific reader. Deftly handled.”

Growing Up in Gaithersburg

Marien Helz, Maryland 20878 Magazine, East Aurora, NY “Marvelously told stories of growing up – poignant, and written with passion and clarity. Vignettes are filled with beautifully detailed word pictures. A storyteller’s tour de force.”

International Educator Divided Regions Series (three pdfs)

Security Walls and Suicide Bombers Crossing the Green Line Laboratory of Conflict and Peace Christopher Murphy, NAFSA: Association of International Educators, Washington, DC “Superb copywriting involves readers with perceptive views of complex, difficult topics. Written objectively and with intensity – a deft blend.”

Faith & Politics

Rick Davis, Pamela Vaughn, Creighton University, Omaha, NE “An exceptionally well researched and presented discussion of the separation of church and state. Cogent. Articulate. Effective.”

Is the Sky Falling?

Phi Kappa Phi Forum, Auburn, AL “A superbly written, objective review makes an intensely polarizing topic both understandable and interesting.”

Design & Illustration

Frontier Communications Solutions - Your Benefits Guide

Robin Hicks, Aon Consulting, Winston-Salem, NC “A striking design with beautiful spreads, all elements of which work marvelously together to achieve the goal of making the copy easy to read and comprehend. Some designers don’t get that. This one does.”

Angkor Wat

Suwanee Lennon, Marine Corps Community Services, Camp S.D. Butler, Okinawa “An impressive architectural wonder, movingly captured in a stunning array of black and white photographs, which are superbly cropped to capture the feeling of the place, and to focus the viewer’s eye on key details.”

Super Bowl XLI Program

National Football League & H.O. Zimman, Inc., Lynn, MA “Superb composition and rendering of these action photographs displayed in gorgeous spreads, with top-quality printing. Top drawer coffee table material.”

Pure Canada

Dominique Ritter, Spafax Canada Inc., Montreal, QC “The photo spreads are magnificent, the layout sparkles with crisp, intricate and varied spreads which delight and involve readers.”

Chicago Loop Alliance Annual Report 2006

Sarah Stec, Archtype Graphic Design, Chicago, IL “Spectacular photo illustration coupled with interesting, dynamic spreads, clean readable type and nicely done charts make this annual report design a winner.”

Berger World - Urban Planning

Warren Miller, Karen Kramer, The Louis Berger Group, Inc., East Orange, NJ “Striking ‘centerfold’ spreads and, indeed, all the spreads throughout this magazine are top-level. Packed with photos, useful captions and text, they deliver a wealth of useful information in a viewer-friendly format.”

Faculty Figures

Bob Black, American Society for Engineering Education “This effective infographic clearly conveys the large data set, making it possible for readers to quickly grasp the full range of information and its implications.”

How Do You Handle It?

Wendy Schrupp, Professional Ski Instructors of America, Lakewood, CO “Charming, eye-catching illustrations and attractive, readable typographic layouts make this a winning entry.”

NOVEC Graphic Standards Guide

Inia Burginger, Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative, Manassas, VA “Simple, low-cost, clean design clearly displays corporate graphic standards specifications in a format staffers will actually understand and use.”

Special Publications

The Guide to Understanding Financial Protection Products

Best’s Review Staff, A.M. Best Company, Oldwick, NJ “Clear, functional infographics reinforce the well-researched, succinctly written copy in this slim, perfectly bound book – delivering just the right amount of understandable ‘on point’ information to a lay audience.”

Emergency Management

Kelly Martinelli, e.Republic, Folsom, CA “Superb spreads with stunning photos, and beautiful use of heads, decks and callouts – combined with attractive readable type and a dynamic, changing look from page to page – make this an exceptionally well-designed backdrop to the very interesting and well-written copy.”

Information Security Guide - MTN

Fox Publishing, Johannesburg, South Africa “Clever theme. Clear, simple text, nicely illustrated. Very effective way to convey the necessary information with the utmost clarity and simplicity.”

Putting Theory Into Practice: A Best Practices Approach to Developing Tax Instructions

Kleimann Communications Group, Inc., Washington, DC “This impressive, thoroughly and intelligently researched and superbly presented report is simply outstanding.”

American Red Cross 125th Anniversary Commemorative Publication

Penton Custom Media, Cleveland, OH “Almost a coffee table book, this publication is a photo essay, touring the history of the Red Cross. Marvelous, well-chosen archival photos are cropped, showcased and captioned to perfection. The copy captivates and flows easily through the interesting photo layouts. A gem.”

NBT Bank: 150 Years… and Counting (pdf)

Kyle Brown, NBT Bank, Norwich, NY “Where to begin? Striking archival photos, well chosen, captioned and placed in appealing spreads, which nicely frame the well-written story of NBT’s 150-year history.”

www.cpmc.org/beyond medicine

California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco, CA “Striking, richly illustrated and evocative site offers moving copy and stunning visuals.”

Dragonflies & Damselflies of Cleveland Metroparks

Jen Brumfield, Cleveland Metroparks, Cleveland, OH “Stunningly illustrated, with beautiful photos, informative text, and superb use of captions, this compact, spiral-bound guide is a bug lover’s delight.”

National Guard and Reserves at War

VFW Magazine, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Kansas City, MO “A powerful look at the journey to war and back. Great photo spreads and captions punctuate the moving stories and interviews in this densely packed but very interesting publication.”

Kids With Asthma Can!

WGBH Educational Foundation, Boston, MA “Wonderfully written and illustrated booklet perfectly targets parents and their kids.”

Mommy’s Story

Andrea Borkowski, Multiple Sclerosis Association of America, Cherry Hill, NJ “Brilliantly conceived, this booklet takes just the right (non-threatening) approach to telling young children about a parent’s MS. First rate illustrations and clear, readable copy make this an exceptionally well-targeted piece.”

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